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Automating Growth Without Identity

Haus Analytics is a causal inference analytics company that will help you make data driven decisions in a dynamic privacy environment. Haus offers a growth analytics platform that provides unparalleled visibility into how you can grow your business. In addition to analyzing data, evaluating performance and generating insights, Haus offers cookieless attribution, providing businesses a durable measurement alternative to 3P cookies, fingerprinting and IDFA.



We are former leaders in product, analytics and engineering who've seen first hand how hard it is to understand what works and what doesn't. We're building a new platform that will help you figure out how to grow more efficiently.


We'll help you develop your growth strategy optimizing towards experiments and full-funnel understanding.


Forget outdated, unhelpful reporting. We'll tell you what's working, what isn't, and make real-time actionable recommendations.


Don't have data science teams with time to kill? No problem! We'll analyze your data and make it disgestible.


Not sure what's working? Test it! Ads, campaigns, targeting, platforms, promotions. Use our experiments infrastructure to learn more about your business.


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